Company name : Munekata.Thai.Co.,Ltd (MTH)
Founded : 27th September 2010
Registered capital : 202,500,000 (ThaiBaht)
Business scope : Selling and Supporting of Plastic Welding Machine for Impulse Welder, Flat Fusion System and others.
Board member : Chairman Takaaki Nagamatsu
Managing Director Toru Nakanishi
Director (non-executive) Naoharu Munekata
Director (non-executive) Koji Yanagida
Director (non-executive) Shun Munekata
Address : 89/21 Enterprize Park Village Moo 15, Bangna-Trad Rd. km.5, Bangkaew Sub-district, Bang Phli District, Samutprakarn 10540 Thailand.

Munekata Co., Ltd.
Plastic Mold Design and Manufacture, Injection Molding and Finish, Computer peripheral equipment (Safety circuit base), Development and market supply of a new resin additive agent

Munekata Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd.
Design, Manufacture and sales of Impulse Welder and Flat Fusion System
Assume a planning of strategies, decision-making, supervisory function in group-wide, Control properly-allocated management resources,
Trading, Labor dispatch service, Large size molding machine and equipment rental

Munekata Tec Co., Ltd.
Managing real estate,house planning/construction, Selling OA(office automation) equipment/home electric, appliances